Senior Moving

Senior moving is stressful for everyone and is even more stressful for the elderly. To help them take this step, help is essential, but not just to carry the boxes. If families cannot provide it, there are solutions.

Moving: a tiring event for a senior.

To support an elderly person in their senior moving, you must first understand their state of mind. Some voluntarily choose to change their location. In this case, the move is expected. But for others, moving to new living conditions is forced and not always desired.

For many seniors, moving is associated with the death of a spouse. The house becomes too large to manage or too heavy with memories to live there alone. For others, it is the loss of autonomy. That justifies leaving the memories of a lifetime for a more suitable environment. In either case, leaving home is painful. We support senior moves with patience and compassion.

Helping an elderly person before, during, and after their move.

To effectively help an elderly person, ensuring the handling and the transport is not enough. While the help of a professional mover is highly recommended on moving day, you should also think about the before and after.

Indeed, preparing for the move for the elderly requires a lot of work. Often, the elderly leave a house or apartment where they have spent their lives.

When the time comes to leave, a page turns. It is then that the help of patience and attentive movers is essential. Take the time and plan this step well in advance.

The other part of the preparation is the administrative part of the move. Faced with many procedures, seniors are often lost. The help of a third party for various changes of address and other formalities can be very useful. Again, this is a difficult stage best navigated with the support of a loved one or a caring person.

Green Movers provide full and absolute assistance to seniors in their move. We understand that even small tasks can be very difficult. From packing to sorting and storing. From moving and relocating. Unpacking and arranging their new home. We always stay by the sides of our seniors.

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