Packing Boxes

We offer a range of packing boxes services and moving advice. We pack all the items you request according to your budget and moving schedule. The professional movers at Green Movers help you to pack safely and efficiently. Basic services we provide include:

Boxes and supplies

Most professional moving companies provide you with the boxes and supplies you need during the packing process. You may also purchase boxes from us. We will provide boxes according to your needs. Our movers can estimate the number and size of boxes. You need to move your items without going over budget.

In addition to providing packing boxes, we have packing supplies to facilitate the packing and shipping process. We can provide the wrapping blankets, dollies, duct tape, and permanent markers.

Complete packing

It’s possible to have all the items in your house packed. This normally includes items in your kitchen, living room, bedroom, library, and household furniture. You can pack the items yourself and have the moving company ship them. You can also ask us to pack and ship the items to your new home. Different packaging is used for different items. Everything is wrapped with paper before it is placed in the box.

Custom Packing

We at Green Movers can provide personalized packaging services and expert advice on your valuable and extremely fragile items. Irregularly shaped appliances or machines may require professional handling, packaging, loading, and shipping. We can also provide installation in your new home to function properly. This task can be left to experts and we can put you in touch with them. Once your items arrive, we can unpack the contents of the house. You can relax and leave the job to your moving company.

For the most reliable moving experience, contact Green Movers today.