Office Moving

Is your business moving to new premises? Green Movers specialize in moving offices, administrations, workshops, libraries. We can manage the move of your offices from A to Z. Packaging, dismantling of furniture, transport, reassembly, etc. We follow your move closely, in its entirety. Indeed, we assign you an execution manager and plan the move according to your specifications, as well as a schedule.

Green Movers team is made up of movers specializing in administrative moving. We have all the appropriate equipment. Trucks, trailers, elevators. We act quickly and efficiently to avoid any loss of time and inconvenience for the staff.

Planning phase

During the planning phase, an experienced office moving consultant takes it up. To verify with the client the moving options available. Such as the number of movers, installers, and moving boxes needed, and the amount of equipment necessary.

During this time, all questions and concerns are addressed. And the move is planned and implemented.

The number of moving materials your office needs are delivered before your move. So your staff can pack their bags. In addition, our experts can provide information on our moving supplies, advice, and services. Such as warehousing, on-site containers, and disposal services.

System preparation / reconfiguration step

During the process, Green Movers experienced IT movers take all computers, phones, printers, and fax machines offline. System furniture and storage furniture such as desks, cabinets, and bookcases are also disassembled. And reconfigured by our professional installers. The Green Movers installation teams are trained in the different brands of office IT systems available on the current market.

During the moving phase of your office, our movers transport all your belongings to the new location. Our moving trucks are supplied with the proper materials for the safe handling of your items. Such as cushions, straps, carts, screening carts, terminal carts, and open bins. Once we have arrived at the new location. The moving supervisor work with your staff to ensure all items are delivered to the exact location required

Green Movers Services For Office Transfers

  • Internal moves within your buildings.
  • Moving of computer equipment and servers.
  • Distribution to several sites and installation of new furniture.
  • Packing and unpacking of professional documents and archives.
  • Furniture storage and professional archives.
  • Secure confidential transport.
  • Consulting in space optimization and reorganization.
  • Respect employee time constraints.

Optimize your space and minimize the impact of moving your offices on your employees’ activity and your productivity.

The Green Movers office relocation service has qualified teams and experienced project managers. Thanks to their expertise, your move will be done with discretion and professionalism. In order not to impact the work of your employees. The transfer of your computer equipment and your furniture is carried out with the greatest care. Your documents and archives are packaged in complete confidentiality. By entrusting Green Movers with the move of your business, you save yourself all the management and forecasting problems. And will be able to devote yourself entirely to the proper functioning of your business. By trusting us, you are surrounded by competent and extremely reliable partners throughout your business move.

For the most reliable office moving experience, contact Green Movers today.