Corporate Relocation

Corporate relocation can be one of the most intimidating experiences a business faces. Perhaps it is even more complicated than a personal move. Businesses need to account for downtime, manage employees, work after hours such as evenings and weekends, and ensure operations keep running all the time.

We at Green Movers are here to help you with this monumental task. Importantly, our team of well-trained employees ensures that your equipment is moved in an organized and efficient manner. Apart from this, we stick to the strategy and maybe make some recommendations to make sure your move goes as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

In addition, the experts at Green Movers bring the know-how of dismantling problematic parts. So rest assured that your twelve-foot conference table will be handled professionally. Our commitment to you is to make sure everything you need is taken care of by us.

Do you require packing materials and moving boxes?

Not an issue. We will deliver them to your place of work and pick them up when you are finished.

Green Movers uses its expertise to provide businesses with highly reliable office relocation services. Our corporate relocation team can design the best relocation plan for various industries and businesses to meet clients’ needs.

We provide a full range of corporate moving services such as pre-move surveys, pre-delivery of boxes, and moving. The experts at Green Movers ensure the transfer of your production units as part of an industrial move. Assembly, maintenance, and repair are also included. This helps minimize the impact of the move on the smooth running of your business.

In particular, attention is paid to the transfer of scientific and medical equipment for research centers and health services. We study the plans for your new premises. Indeed, we can also handle the connection and disconnection of your computer or your telephone. The reinstallation of your industrial tool, as well as optimization and modification of the production tool, is also provided. Also, we transfer your furniture, fitting out and refitting hotels and stores. We have mastered all the skills you will need for a successful move in record time at a reasonable price.

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