Moving with Pets

Moving with Pets

Moving your home is always a stressful process. From creating your inventory list to arranging for transportation and packing the house, there is likely to be a lot at stake. And it can be even more overwhelming if you are moving with pets.

According to recent research, a move can also be troublesome for our pets. With a few precautions, organization, and advice from Green Movers, a professional moving company in Seattle, WA. This event will take place in complete peace of mind.

Appointment with Vet.

The first step right after you have decided to move to make an appointment with the vet. Check for any vaccinations or recommended tests. You may require several visits to the vet before your moving date. So plan well in advance while moving with pets.

The vet will decide whether your pet requires any medication or vaccination before the move. Ensure you have adequate supplies of any drugs, such as flea and tick treatments. Prepare and stock up on everything you can now so you don’t have to rush to find a new vet when you arrive in your new neighborhood.

Before the move, try not to worry about your pet. They feel your stress. Place the animal in quiet rooms in the house.

During the journey, put them in a suitable cage and stay close to him. Do not hesitate to provide them with familiar objects which will be reassuring (toys, stuffed animals, blankets). Thus, it will be less destabilized.

List of Your Pet Supplies.

Once you’ve decided to move, start making a list of the supplies your pet will need. Some examples are:

  • Water and food dishes.
  • Food and special treats.
  • Pet First Aid Kit.
  • Medications prescribed by the vet.
  • Cage during the move.
  • Cleaning supplies.

Buy the cage well in advance before your moving date. Put your pet inside the cage frequently, so it has enough time to get used to it. The best is a few weeks or more. Green Movers a local moving services provider in Seattle, WA also provides packing supplies at very reasonable rates.

If your pet has never been in a cage before, they may be skeptical at first, which is normal. Let him sniff and explore at his own pace. Place the cage in a common area where he likes to spend time and add his favorite blanket, toy, or treat inside the cage.

On the Route

On the day of your move. Prepare and get ready to travel with your pet. Consider starting the day with exercise by letting them run around the yard for a bit to get some energy out and get tired.

During the journey, keep the cage near to you. Don’t forget to plan breaks to relieve yourself and play with your pet after some time.

Once in the new home

At the destination, do not force your pet to visit everything. Each animal must discover its new environment at its own pace. Pets may need to spend several hours under furniture. They will come out of their hiding place when they are hungry. For them to discover their new environment, stimulate your animal through play. Letting them go outside for the first few weeks is not recommended. Please wait until it adopts its territory.

You have already taken care of while moving with pets; Let us take care of the rest! At Green Movers, reliable movers in Seattle, WA we offer the best moving services to help you plan from start to finish. Contact us for more information

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