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5 Reasons | Why Summer Is the Perfect and Best Time To Move?

The season can compound moving stress. There are some challenges associated with moving in any season. But, apart from this, sometimes the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. Here we discuss five reasons why summer is the best time to move! 

Several advantages are linked with a summer move for you and your local company. More than half of all moves in the United States occur during the summertime. Did you know this fact? 50% of all moves happen in the three hottest months (June, July, and August) of the year. So, if you are planning to move, it’s a good idea and the best time to move during these months of the year. Therefore, plan your move to and from Seattle with the best moving company, Green Movers.

Why Summer Is the Perfect and Best Time To Move?

Following are five important reasons to help you beat the heat and ace your summer move. 

Peak Selling Season- Summer

As summer is the peak selling season, it’s the best time to sell your home. You will get more money for your home due to increased demands for homes. In addition to it, you will have enough time to find your new home. 

Kids are on Summer Break

In summer, children are out of school. Hence, it allows more flexibility in your schedule. Also, you will get no disruptions to school activities or routines. It will also help with the transition. You will have enough time to research good local schools if you plan to move to a new school district.

Moreover, your kids will be able to start school in the fall. You will not pull them out during the school year. Lastly, they will help you pack and prepare for the move. 


Summer- Better Weather for the Moving Process

Summer may be a busy season for moving companies. There are fewer chances of delays due to weather as compared to winters. During the winters, moving becomes difficult and uncomfortable. Due to bad weather, roads can be dangerous and slippery. In addition to it, you risk the chance of tracking mud and dirt into your new and old house. So, it is not advised to proceed with your antique furniture, electronics, and other fragile items in the winter seasons. 

Better weather like summer brings more sunlight and longer days. When there is daylight, people are generally more productive. So, the more hours in the day—the more time to pack and move. Also, your selected moving company perhaps won’t have to move in the dark.

Summer- Yard Sale Season

Summer is here, and it’s an excellent time to have a yard sale. You get rid of things you no longer need or want. So, yard sales are a great way. Also, you can make a little extra cash for your moving expenses. You will have more yard sales as a buyer to peruse for any stuff you need for your new house. 

Better Curb Appeal

Your property looks best in summer because of the sunshine, green grass, and bloomy flowers. Further, when the weather is nice, many buyers are likely to visit your property. It means better curb appeal. 

Plan Your Summer Move with Green Movers

Now you know why summer is the best time to move. Spending numerous hours preparing for your big move isn’t exactly how you planned to spend your summer. You get assistance from us. We are a full-service moving and packing company. Thus, we provide safe and reliable packing and moving services for residential, corporate, and commercial clients. 

Are you ready to sell your current home? Do you want to move into your new home? Our expert movers can make this process both affordable and accessible. We have a team of specialized movers who have extensive experience in local and long-distance moves. Contact us to find out how you can save time and thousands of dollars during your moving process. Don’t wait and get a free quote now.

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